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crazautiz-art's News

Posted by crazautiz-art - May 26th, 2020


So, sorry I haven't been active much here. I've been pretty bummed lately. But, I'll try my best to be more active here in case I start losing interest in DeviantArt.

I'll be checking in every now and again.

Posted by crazautiz-art - March 20th, 2020

Some good news!

I decided to reopen commissions! Details are shown below:

What I can do for you:

  • Full body
  • Shaded
  • Wallpapers
  • Suggestive
  • Any character

Some stuff that needs mentioning:

  • If you commission NSFW, I can post it here on Newgrounds and on Patreon (if it's okay with you with the latter). I won't post NSFW anywhere else (Twitter, DeviantArt, etc.).
  • No Fetish Art
  • If you commission NSFW, it can't be questionable shit, such as underage characters and stuff. That's the type of shit that get us in serious trouble.
  • No intercourse. Not really up for drawing that at this time.
  • Character limit is 2 per image!

Some other stuff:

  • If you commission me, if it's SFW, I'll stream myself drawing your commissioned art if you like me to. Thought it would be interesting.

With all of that said, there's only one price for this. Commissions are $25. PAYPAL ONLY!

DM me if you're interested. I'm looking forward to seeing what you want me to draw.


Posted by crazautiz-art - February 21st, 2020

Hey guys.

Sorry if I'm not all that active on here. Just been stressed out.

But I have an announcement: I decided to open a Patreon page to support myself until I move south and start hunting for a new job. I'll be posting some exclusives there, with occasional previews shown here. Please visit my Patreon and pledge your support if you can. It will be most appreciated.

Now, it'll be a little bit before I roll the first Patreon piece out, as I'd like to go nice and easy with these from here on out, but whatever I post, preview or not, I'll let you guys know. The link to my Patreon is on my Newgrounds page with my other links.

Thanks everyone.

Posted by crazautiz-art - September 28th, 2019

Hey guys. Been on a cross country road trip with my brother since Wednesday. Everything is going so well so far. Currently in Las Vegas until 2am tomorrow and we'll be ending our trip in San Diego where my brother will be living for a while.

Monday is when I'll be flying back home. When that happens, I'll go ahead and continue finishing art I've started sometime ago.

I'll be back soon.

Posted by crazautiz-art - August 6th, 2019

Hey everyone.

Sorry for not being so active here. Been busy and I was recently employed.

I'll still try and drop some new art here as I make it.

Posted by crazautiz-art - April 9th, 2019

Yeah. This attempt at commissions is a total bust. I'll learn from this one and try again next time.


Posted by crazautiz-art - February 9th, 2019

Just an update to let you guys know that I'm still active here. I really do need to do more here, do I?

Anyway, hopefully I'll find out what to post here besides just art.

Posted by crazautiz-art - January 2nd, 2019




Thank you for reading.

Posted by crazautiz-art - December 25th, 2018

Okay. A follow up to my previous post!

I decided it was time for me to start taking art commissions in early January. More details to follow soon in a corresponding image post.

Posted by crazautiz-art - December 22nd, 2018

Got something planned. Announcement comes on Christmas Day!

Don't miss it! :D